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I currently work out of Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre about 100 yars from Swiss Cottage Tube Station. It has been carefully designed to cater for a multitude of health, fitness and sports specific goals.


Whether you're a gym pro or completely new to exercise this is the gym for you. With over 200 pieces of equipment and numerous benches to train on, you are never short of space to complete your workout.


Whatever your training goals, be they physique based, health based or sports specific I can design a structured and challenging plan to get you to where you want to be.


Swiss Cottage is the perfect place to begin your fitness journey and membership is under £30 per month.

At home

If you don't like training in a gym environment or can't travel to Swiss Cottage then I have the solution:


  • Any time of day.

  • Any location.


Time is crucial to many of my clients, making it essential that I go to them to carry out the session.


This includes the free consultation (travel expense will be charged depending on location) so get in touch now and make the first step on your new and exciting health and fitness journey!


You'd be surprised how little space you need and what you can utilise as 'equipment' in order to carry out an effective workout. As long as you can set an hour aside I'll make sure you get a challenging workout in line with the training plan we have in place for you.

1-to-1 diet coaching

As someone who grew up overweight and with little or no direction in terms of what was healthy to eat and what wasn't I can fully empathise with anyone who currently has problems with diet and fat loss goals.


I know how much of a difference it can make to your life when you take control of your diet and training in order to improve your body composition. The feel good factor you will get will be a powerful catalyst for improvement in many other areas of your life!


Stages we will work through together are:

  • Liver detox and gut repair protocols

  • Stabilisation of hormones

  • Establishment of optimal digestive health

  • Optimisation of hormones for fat loss and muscle retention

  • Advanced nutritional strategies specific to your lifestyle, phenotype and chosen physique goals


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