Holly Bainbridge

27 year old , PA


Holly completed 4 weeks of 1 to 1 Diet Coaching in order to lose weight before her sister's wedding.

This involved Holly following my eating guidelines and then sending me her food diary every day. I then gave advice daily on how to eat more effectively in order to hit her fat loss targets and I continually motivated her to stay on track. Holly had been on a lot of low calorie diets previous to becoming my client and this had had a negative effect on her metabolism - a lot of the time my advice was to eat more as Holly had a tendency to see food as the enemy. 


Despite her reluctance to do anything other than light exercise 2/3 times per week these were Holly's results:

Day 1:       28.6% body fat, 66kg

Day 8:      27.1% body fat, 64.5kg

Day 15:     25.9% body fat, 63kg

Day 23:     25% body fat, 62kg

Day 30:     24.3% body fat, 62kg


Quote from Holly (email 6/4/13) 'I can't thank you enough. Two months ago I honestly thought I would never get into that dress! I'd been a size 12 for years and thought that's what I would always be! Is there somewhere I can write a review for you? ' (YES, HA HA!) 'When anyone asks how I lost the weight I will certainly pass on your contact details. I really appreciate all of the time you have put in to help me with this. It has changed my whole way of thinking about food and as soon as the wedding is over I am back on it in time for the summer hols :-)!'

Phil Tulip

27 year oid , Financier


I recently completed a 12 week training and diet program with Phil, I trained him 4/5 times per week and checked his food diary daily to help him to closely follow the guidelines I had given. Phil recieved advice and motivation every day by email and face to face at each session.

Phil went from 21% to 15% bodyfat whilst gaining 3kg in muscle mass. He also made very significant strength gains and actively engaged muscles which he had always overlooked when training. This led to a much more athletic physique.


Quote from Phil (email 9/4/13) 'Loved the session today in a totaly sadistic way. Definitely felt the post workout buzz despite being absolutely knackered! I'll leave this short as I need to get to sleep now for in prep for the 6am session, see you tomorrow morning!'


Quote from Phil (email 3/5/13 in response to a motivational email I had sent regarding self-esteem)

'Cheers for this email, it really hit home...I certainly feel that I have turned a corner with every week that I am eating well and training hard...This is also having a positive effect on other areas of my life that were previously getting me down, I now feel like I can achieve anything I set my mind to!'

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