With Great power comes Great responsibility...

Do you like responsibility? Some people do...some people don't. Even just the word itself can be quite daunting.

What about if it is in relation to your own life? Do you take responsibility for what you do? Are you in sole charge of your actions? Do you have control?

One area of life that people struggle to control (especially when you look at rising obesity figures, diabetes, heart disease etc) is their health. So who is pushing the buttons in terms of what we eat as a society. First of all, who are the major players in the food industry:

The Government - lack of any real control over the food industry and dictated to by large food manufacturing companies (who are vital to the economy in many ways so must be listened to)

Food Manufacturers - in many cases global companies listed on the stock exchange (i.e. solely interested in making profits for shareholders, sometimes portraying a healthy image is conducive to making profits. Putting top notch, decent quality, healthy, natural ingredients into their products is expensive and NOT conducive to higher profit margins)

Farmers - dictated to by the Food Manufacturers

Marketing Companies - at the beck and call of the Food Manufacturers, solely interested in making you buy as much as possible of whatever they are advertising regardless of whether or not it is healthy or how much of it you SHOULD eat.

Supermarkets - see description of Food Manufacturers.

Now think again about who is taking responsibility to make sure you have a healthy diet. If it is you, then great. Congratulations! You're on the right track! If not then you are letting the people listed above make your choices for you - they are in charge. Let me be very clear about this -


What about convenience? Are you too busy to eat healthy so have to grab whatever you can, when you can. This is how most people are forced to live as a result of other genuinely important commitments, usually family and work commitments which are prioritised above everything else. This is exactly how it should be, there is nothing more important than family and you need to work to live right. Right! HOWEVER... How would a fitter, healthier you affect your family life and work commitments? How would it affect your life with your family and at work if you were mentally sharper and had a shit load more energy? Could your positive diet and exercise decisions rub off on your friends, family and work colleagues in a positive way? ????? The answers to these questions are yours to ponder! I've got my own opinions but I haven't got all the answers. One thing i do know for sure though... You only get one body and it is an amazing thing - abuse it or don't treat it with the respect it deserves and you will damage it - you only get one chance.

Remember food manufacturers and marketing companies know all about convenience and will design food and position it in the marketplace to be readily available to you when you 'need' it. Which you probably don't, you're not going to starve to death are you?! Could you wait until you got home to eat something natural which you have prepared yourself? Could you have been more organised and brought something natural and healthy with you to snack on instead of being forced to choose from the selection of processed shite that's on offer at the garage? For what it's worth, in my opinion, if it's a quick fix your after, you'd be better off sniffing the petrol! I must admit though you can usually get fresh fruits and packets of nuts at garages these days so make sure it's not you that is choosing the 'convenience' foods over the healthy stuff.

Anyway I try not to rant but there you go...some info mixed in with some of my own thoughts on the matter! Stay clean, stay lean!

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