And lead us not into temptation...

Salt, fat and sugar – in the wild these 3 substances are not naturally in abundance. When we had to forage and hunt for our food, as opposed to picking it up at the supermarket or ordering it from a menu, it was necessary to prioritise salt, sugar and fat and actively seek them out for survival. As a result our brains evolved to actively seek them out over more readily less nutrient dense foods. These behavioural traits got a good boost in the World War rationing years of the 1910's and 1940’s!

In the years since this was the case we haven't had the time to evolve away from this hardwiring so we still actively seek out foods high in salt, fat and sugar. Obviously in modern life salt, fat and sugar are in abundance however we are still programmed to actively seek them out which leads to over consumption.

Food manufacturers and their marketing departments play on this and we are constantly bombarded by sights and smell designed to trigger our natural instincts to eat and keep eating! The products they produce are loaded with amounts and types of salt, fat and sugar that are very unhealthy and damaging to our bodies when consumed regularly. Their strategy is to make us consume more of the things which are making us unhealthy in order for them to make more profit. The Solution....Fight back! Make your own decisions! Eat for the body you want not a body that is forced upon you by people trying to line their own pockets. The supermarkets log and analyse all of our purchases, this information affects what they stock and how much they buy in, and also where they position it in the supermarket. It’s no co-incidence that you put your fruit and veg in the trolley first as this makes you more relaxed once you get to the biscuits and cakes. You will already have given yourself a big pat on the back for buying the healthy, natural stuff and are then much more likely to treat yourself with a few high calorie, processed items. This is fine in moderation, if this is how you choose to eat and you are in control.

However if you regularly find yourself regretting food choices which you make in your own home then it is worth remembering that if it isn’t there you can’t eat it and it can’t tempt you! If you only have healthy, natural food in your home then you will become very inventive in terms of the tasty, healthy snacks you more regularly prepare. So it may be worth staying away from temptation for the short time you are in the supermarket.

REMEMBER: The supermarket logs every single purchase you make and this dictates what they stock and how much of it they stock SO... every single time you buy a healthy and natural product at your local supermarket you are voting for this kind of stuff to be more readily available and in turn it will get cheaper. Vote Clean! Vote Lean!

It is worth noting that salt, fat and sugar are essential to a healthy diet but must be sought out from natural sources, i.e. meat, fish, nuts, fruit and vegetables.

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