How to reach your goals the easy way in 2019!

Hi guys,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

Some of you will have some very specific goals for your training and nutrition this year while some of you will be happy where you are and be looking to maintain the results you have attained so far.

Either way make sure you approach your training and nutrition with a positive mind set. It's great to look for improvements where you can but it's more important to make sure you are happy where you are, wherever that may be, and from that positive place you will find that lowering body fat, gaining muscle and attaining your health and fitness goals is much easier and also much more enjoyable!

If you are looking to make a change then make this the year that you hit your goals by putting a solid, long term, structured training and nutrition plan in place that fits in with your lifestyle and is flexible enough for you to follow. By flexible I mean space for you to enjoy yourself! By being patient and taking a long term approach then you can create this space within your plan.

Everyone has successes and failures and different challenges to overcome but no one is facing an impossible task.

Celebrate every success you have, whether it is big or small.

Learn from your failures, leave them in the past and move on.

Progress won't be a perfect linear process - there will be ups and downs - but if you can deal with the slip ups and not let them lead you too far astray, for too long then you will reach your goals.

On the days when you are too busy with work and family to hit the gym or stick to your nutrition plan then try to relax about it and just do what you can. On the days when you have more free time, and have enough time to plan and prepare, then make a point of nailing your training and nutrition 100% and really making progress.

Try and build momentum whenever you can - the more momentum you build the easier you will be able to overcome the more difficult situations when you encounter them.

Keep yourself on that slow and steadily improving trajectory and by the time next Christmas comes around you will have made massive progress without really feeling like you have had to sacrifice too much.

Slow and steady definitely wins the race so don't be too hard on yourself by applying unrealistic time frames to your goals.

Motivation is not a thing you either have or don't have - it exists along a continuum - changing over time. It goes up and down and will often be affected by factors outside of yourself - you always have the power to rev yourself up and self motivate but by the same token life isn't always a bowl of cherries so never be too hard on yourself when you are up against it.

Happy 2019!


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