Protein Berry Crumble


Unbelievably tasty and absolutely packed with micronutrient goodies and anti-oxidants.


This really is a guilt free dessert!


600g frozen, organic mixed berries


50g Choc Smooth MyProtein Whey Isolate


170g Fat-free Greek Yoghurt


40g Organic Dark Chocolate 85% Cocoa


80g Puffed Oats


30g Flax seed

What to do with them...

Heat the berries, yoghurt and protein powder in a medium non stick pan on a low heat, stirring constantly.


When warmed through transfer to a baking dish.


Cover with the puffed rice, followed by the flax seed.


Grate and/or crush the dark chocolate evenly over the puffed rice and flaxseed lid.


Place in oven preheated to 200c for 8 minutes.

Nutritional Info...

Servings per crumble - 4


Macros per serving:


Protein: 28g

Carbs: 18g

Fat: 11g


Calories per serving: 283


Go on have 2 bowls ;-)

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