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Andy Cummings

My original motivation for becoming a PT was to empower clients to get fit, get healthy and then stay that way.


I love working with people who are completely new to exercise as well as those who are more experienced but looking for a fresh and more effective approach.


I aim to push you to your limits in each session in order for you to get maximum benefit from the time you spend with me. Training should also be fun - a place to switch off from the outside world and enjoy spending some time working on YOU!


Vadim Kolesnikov

Vadim's approach to health, fitness and lifestyle is based on the principle of balance, and his methods reflect this ethos.


Both his training and nutritional guidance are thoughtful, personal and relevant to your lifestyle as well as your goals.


Vadim believes that wellness is an integrated process of physical activity, mental reflection, social engagement, and emotional awareness. His programs use functional activities along with specific strengthening and flexibility activities to achieve balanced physical function.


Vadim's goal is to discover the fitness activities that each client finds engaging and rewarding. Whether you are training for competition or just training for life, he can get you on the right track.

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