How does 1-to-1 Daily Diet Coaching work?

With fat loss what you eat and when you eat it is more than half of the battle. With 1-to-1 Daily Diet Coaching, and the education you will receive as a result, you will see a very dramatic change in how you look and feel within 1 month. If this is not the case then I will refund the full amount you have paid, the only stipulation being that you must have completed the full 30 days.


Many previous clients have remarked that 1 month of 1-to-1 Diet Coaching has changed the way they eat, as well as their attitude to food, FOREVER!


By dissecting your daily food diaries and offering advice (by email) every single day for a month my aim is to eradicate the habits which are holding you back and replace them with habits which put you in control. More importantly I aim to educate and give you the tools you need to get your diet working FOR YOU instead of against you. Your hormonal balance is directly linked to your diet and in turn to every bodily function you have. Achieving a natural hormonal balance is essential to allowing your body to burn fat and build muscle. I will explain this to you step by step making it relevant to your diet and lifestyle. 


The knowledge you pick up within one month will give you the tools you need to maintain  your new lower body fat % FOREVER!


It puts the POWER in your hands!


One month of intensive online diet coaching is priced at £150.

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