About Me

Having grown up as an overweight kid, constantly struggling with my weight and with a very poor grasp of what was a good/bad diet I understand the difference it can make to someone to take control of their diet and training. Improving body composition, and the confidence that comes with it, has a positive knock-on effect on almost all areas of life and is the number one place people should start if they are looking to boost their self-esteem.



My original motivation for becoming a PT was to empower clients to get fit, eat right and stay fit and healthy.


I love working with people who are completely new to exercise as well as those who are more experienced but looking for a fresh and more effective approach.



Areas of Interest


  • Psychology - I am very much interested in the psychology of diet and training and I love to read up on and utilise motivational tools. A lot of people say they want to make the change but it is still essential as a PT to push the right buttons at the right times and really motivate a client in order to get them to change current habits into ones which will give them the physique they desire.

  • Fat loss and Hypertrophy (muscular size gains)

  • Rapid body composition improvements - this has really come to the forefront of the industry with 12 week programs being key to what many PT's offer. I design programmes in order to get results quickly. Make no mistake - if you follow the diet coaching that I give you and turn up for your PT sessions you WILL see huge improvements in your physique over 12 weeks. For a lot of people it will be sooner.

  • Hormones, micro-nutrients and their effect on body composition are essential areas of knowledge for anyone concerned with training and diet and it is an area in which I take a keen interest both for my own personal wellbeing and that of my clients.

My Aim


I aim to push you to your limits in each session in order for you to get maximum benefit from the time you spend with me. However training should also be fun - a place to switch off from the outside world and enjoy spending some time working on YOU!


Setting Goals


If you are having trouble deciding on which kind of training will suit you best or what your training and diet goals should be BUT you do know that you want to make a change then get in touch. If you already have goals that you wish to start training towards and need the expertise, motivation and accountability that comes with having a PT then get in touch. In our initial free consultation I can assist with goal setting, designing a step by step approach to get you where you want to be, giving you realistic timescales for achieving the targets we set.

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